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All fine architectural values are human values.

When considering a new building, addition or even a club reconfiguration, thought is generated by purpose: we need more casual dining space, our storage limitations are costing us money, our members want a new spa, the kitchen is too small, our meeting space is antiquated.

But from there — where?

For country, golf and city clubs, Chambers' architects lead from concept to completion, from purpose to what and where. With more than 65 years’ experience in private club design, our team understands the nuances of club experience and member expectations, the aesthetic considerations driven my tradition, necessity and place, and the historical perspective unique to each property we touch. With every step, too, we are aware of the impact of our choices on the environment, carefully selecting materials and products to ensure the long-term health of buildings we design and the people who use them.

Architecture is strength, purpose and beauty...entwined.

Case Studies

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This overview of common private club maintenance issues and how to remedy them is a useful resource for proactively approaching club facility upkeep.

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Ahead of the Curve
Check out a brief interview with Rick Christensen, AIA, Chambers’ Vice President and head of the Minneapolis office, where he talks about his beginnings in the private club industry and shares insights on the complexities behind private club design.

Club Maintenance — Assessing Need and Opportunity
Private club expert and former president of CMAA Skip Avery reminds club leaders the importance of prioritizing club facility maintenance based on budget, safety concerns, and the club’s vision for the future.

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