Hillcrest Country Club has a proud history of being one of the premier private clubs in the Pacific Northwest. But in Winter 2009 – Summer 2010, the membership decided the club needed some substantial renovations to bring it up to date and meet the members’ growing needs.

The renovations and new additions created a club facility that has been an immediate hit with the club’s membership.


A comprehensive remodel joined two of the club’s existing buildings to create a single clubhouse structure, anchored by a centrally-located covered patio. With a movable glass exterior wall system, the patio can transition from open-air to fully conditioned space. The existing grill was replaced with a more open casual dining space that captures sweeping views of the golf course and valley. The ballroom, bar lounge and private dining rooms were all remodeled with new finishes and furnishings. The men’s and women’s locker rooms and lounges, golf shop and pool were completely reworked to bring the facility up to modern private club standards. Adding stone columns, moldings and paneling and vaulted wood-beamed ceilings created warm, inviting and comfortable spaces that reflect the casual nature of the club and give it a true one-of-a-kind feel.


The renovations and new additions created a club facility that has been an immediate hit with the club’s membership. More than 500 members enjoyed the club’s grand opening after 18 months of a multi-phased construction period.