“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”


The essence of interior design is things—things that need to be bought, need to go to the right place in good order, and need to be what you’re expecting. Chambers’ procurement team understands that a single room can comprise hundreds of things, and a clubhouse as a whole—thousands.

Many general managers understand the concept of procurement with regard to supplies for the golf course or ingredients for the F&B operation—but what about procurement related to private club aesthetics and design? It’s a critical piece of every renovation puzzle. The procurement process encompasses everything from selection, budgeting and coordination, to purchasing, tracking, installation, and more. It’s what gets the beautiful things where they need to be and in the right condition—on time and on budget.

Why Choose Chambers?

From price quote to final installation, Chambers serves as a seamless and economical purchasing and installation resource for furnishings, fixtures, fabrics, and accessories specifically for the private club industry and related markets. Our skilled team is adept at coordinating logistics, working with manufacturers, and adhering to budget requirements.