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Ten Inventive Fitness & Wellness Programs to Consider for Your Club

Everyone in the private club industry is talking about fitness—and if you aren’t, chances are you probably should be. As individuals around the globe continue to become more and more health-conscious, fitness and wellness programs are evolving faster than ever before. Here, we’ve highlighted some of the most recent trends (in no particular order) we’re seeing make their way into the private club fitness arena. Keep these in mind as you expand, reinvent, or create dedicated fitness/wellness facilities at your club!


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a technique that combines intense, brief periods of exercise with short recovery periods. Recently named the #1 Fitness Trend for 2018 by the American College of Sports Medicine, HIIT has gained popularity because of its efficient, fat-burning results that help exercisers lose weight, build muscle, and increase metabolism—without equipment. This activity can be done alone or in a group and is particularly popular with younger individuals. It’s also frequently incorporated into Boot Camps—another great way for private clubs to enhance their fitness programming and appeal to the younger generation.

2. Reaxing

And since we’re talking about total body health, let’s discuss another fitness trend—Reaxing. (No, that is not a typo.) This neuromuscular training method focuses on how the body receives information from our senses and integrates them into our central nervous system to produce biophysical reactions that define our body wellness. With exercises that incorporate fluid-filled medicine balls, smart floors that shift during exercises or interactive light stations, Reaxing finds its roots in understanding that we encounter unpredictable situations each and every day, and properly training our brains to react to those situations can have a profound impact on our physical and psychological balance­.

3. Interactive Spinning

Spin classes have become extremely popular across the U.S. and consist of high intensity cycling workouts on stationery indoor bikes. Developed in 1991, these classes are an exceptional way to burn calories quickly and continue to gain traction in private clubs. Today, technology advances like full-scale LED walls provide the ability to simulate bike trails around the world or hop on virtual reality tracks. This enables bikers to fully immerse themselves in their cycling workout, leading these classes to be more personal and interactive than ever before.

4. Wall Yoga

Most people are familiar with yoga—it’s an ancient practice with a variety of applications. It’s also easily adaptable and constantly evolving, which keeps interests piqued. The latest evolution? Wall Yoga. From perfecting posture to stabilizing a pose, yoga walls are beneficial for yogis of all skill levels. Straps attached to the walls can add support for beginners who are learning proper form, relieve pressure on joints to prevent cartilage breakdown, or help experienced members tackle tricky moves like inverted poses. Other benefits include increased blood flow, reduced blood pressure, and increased flexibility.

5. ELDOA Stretching

Speaking of posture, we’re also seeing programs that incorporate the ELDOA Method. ELDOA (Étirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation OsteoArticulaire) is a revolutionary technique created by world-renowned Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer. These exercises utilize myofascial stretching that helps correct soft tissue imbalances throughout the body and remove tension from joints to reduce inflammation and pain. Those who practice this method experience overall improved health, better posture, and greater range of motion leading to fewer injuries.]

6. Cross-Training

A thoughtful way to involve your entire membership is to offer cross-training programs that complement other beloved activities at your club—like golf and tennis. The main goal of cross-training is to improve overall performance; and by focusing on exercise equipment and programs that promote flexibility, core strength and cardio, the tennis and golf players at your club can hugely improve their game. Some fitness programs can also help encourage non-traditional usage of certain facilities. For example, Cardio tennis, which is based on tennis drills, is a fun way to provide fitness and social benefits to tennis and non-tennis players alike. Similar to the recent evolution of Golf Learning Centers, this type of program speaks to a variety of talents and skill levels and creates a wonderful social experience among members.

7. Youth Programs

In general, any opportunity to involve children in the club is a guaranteed way to add value to a club membership. Youth-oriented fitness programs help tween and teenage children find their place at the club. From Tiny Tots classes, to middle/high school sports training, to conditioning for college athletes between semesters, curating programs that address the needs of the club’s youngest members is key to the overall success of its fitness program. You can even host fun classes in the swimming pool or on the tennis courts to truly bring the club experience full circle!

 8.Trampoline Fitness

Trampolines are no longer just an outdoor kid’s toy. This fitness style uses rebounders—or mini-trampolines—in workouts designed to improve cardiovascular health, increase leg and core strength, improve balance, and enhance coordination. Some even perceive trampoline workouts to be “easier” than traditional aerobic activities, though others speculate this is because exercisers are focused on the “fun” rather than the work. Add trampoline classes to your fitness programming and watch your membership bounce into action!


9. Outdoor Fitness

And if we’re talking about warm weather fun for the whole family, let’s get the members outside! Private clubs have beautiful grounds, so why not give them more opportunities to enjoy them? Many clubs are adding this outdoor twist to widespread group classes like Yoga or Zumba. Some are even incorporating hula hooping classes, which provide a great core work out and can be enjoyed by all ages. Running clubs are also on the rise, helping encourage members to stay enthusiastic about their fitness goals and create accountability amongst one another. “Clubs within clubs” are a great way to build camaraderie—add exercise and fresh air in the mix and it’s a win-win all around.

10. Professional Coaching

Having creative and inventive programming at your club is sure to garner support from your members, but it’s also important to consider hiring professionals to help coach your members through their fitness journeys. Whether private clubs offer personal training, hire a nutritionist, offer health coaching services, or other forms of professional guidance, each of these can further elevate the overall fitness experience offered at your club.

In reality, any program you can dream up that is fun, challenging, and creative will help attract the interest of your members. Keep these fitness trends in mind as you look to enhance the experience and increase value for your members!


Has your club incorporated new, inventive fitness trends into your offerings? We’d love to hear about it! Comment below.

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