20 Jul

What's Trending in Fitness

From CrossFit to Cross Country

Constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement

— that’s the definition of CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program that has sparked much enthusiasm. “Broad, general and inclusive,” it seems a perfect fit private clubs and their varied memberships.

Because it relies largely on movement, CrossFit training doesn’t require a lot of big equipment.  Here are a few of our favorite training aids.


One Size Fits All…Abs?
Granted, not all abs are created equal, but it just takes one size AbMat to cater to any physique. Inexpensive and space saving, the AbMat supports a variety of exercises that isolate upper and lower abs, obliques and lower back muscles.

Sure They’re Fun, But…
…also functional. Jelly Bell Dumbbells’ ergonomic handles ensure comfort and reduce fatigue associated with standard dumbbells.  And they last longer than many of the alternatives, resisting cracking and peeling.


Medicine Ball by EcoWise™ Fitness

Helps the Medicine Go Down
EcoWise™ medicine balls are 100% latex-, PVC-, phthalates- and chloride free. Essential tools for core and upper body strength training, these colorful medicine balls also clear the air.

Limitless Possibility
Took an NHL strength coach and a former space shuttle engineer to design these full-body resistance trainers. Core Stix combine core, cardio and strength training all in one compact piece of equipment.

Core Stix® Fitness System



The newest recumbent bikes offer a portal into virtual cycling worlds. Pedal through foreign countries, forests, outer space — heck, slay dragons while you’re at it. You can even race head-to-head with a friend.

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