05 May

Life After COVID-19

It’s a Changing World—But we Endure and Adapt

As 2020 began, many reflected on the last decade and all that has occurred since 2010, and began to look toward all of the hopeful possibilities that would come with a new decade. We nodded to our history, teasing that…
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03 Apr

A Strategic Response to the Coronavirus Crisis

Club Benchmarking Advises How to Navigate the Financial Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the U.S. coronavirus shutdown began in March 2020, Club Benchmarking's Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Ray Cronin received many calls from club leaders across North America. The stress Cronin sensed led him to devote over 100 hours of research,…
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19 Feb

Building Experiences

Designing Thoughtful Spaces—Inside and Out

Since their inception, private clubs have been a place for members to gather to share ideas, close business deals, enjoy golf and sports activities, socialize among friends, and especially in more recent decades, spend quality time with family. But regardless…
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26 Jul

Designing Ahead

10 City Club Trends on the Rise

As a private club leader, you’ve likely noticed a variety of shifts occurring in the industry today. Lifestyles are evolving and so is the way members are using their club. We touch on this topic often because the ability for…
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21 Jun

New Age Health & Wellness

Ensuring Your Facility Wins the Race Against Its Competition

As fitness and wellness trends continue to evolve across the globe, conversations around these amenities in private clubs do as well. Many club leaders often grapple with whether or not they should incorporate a fitness facility into their private club…
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06 Feb

Designing Ahead

10 Must-Haves in Facilities Planning

Today’s members use private club facilities much differently than in decades past. Members are looking for family-friendly amenities and casual dining spaces that encourage spontaneity, while also providing breathtaking views of the outdoors and club surrounds. As utilization trends shift…
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