12 Oct

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Four Unique Activity Trends Emerging in the Industry

From traditional pastimes with a twist to innovative concepts that bridge sport and socializing, these trends encourage us to step into a world where connections are forged and memories are made. Check out these recreational activities that offer fresh perspectives and novel ways for members to come together.

1. AquaClimb® & AquaZip’N®

Take your pool amenities to the next level with climbing walls and ziplines. AquaClimb® presents a diverse range of customizable aquatic climbing walls using wave-like frames with 3D contour panels constructed of UV and chlorine resistant polycarbonate. These climbing walls aid in building self-esteem for children and provide strength training opportunities for adults, enhancing poolside programming for all with low-maintenance attractions.

Meanwhile, AquaZip’N® fuses the excitement of an adventure zipline with the thrill of rope swinging. The unique design of the AquaZip’N® allows for clean entry into the water through its arching frame with a self-retracting trolley that makes it easy to operate. Elevate your aquatic space into a hub of thrilling experiences and memorable adventures with these safe and fun pool amenities!

2. Lighted Putting Greens

The game of golf, with its extended play and time-intensive rounds, often poses a challenge for those with jam-packed schedules. But in the pursuit of leisure, a captivating innovation has taken center stage: lighted putting greens.

With lights positioned around the putting green to avoid shadows and ensure consistent lighting across the surface, golfers can hone their putting skills well into the evening hours. This inventive twist on golf—which has become a game of practice—adds a unique and exciting social element even after the sun sets.

3. NeuroReactive Fitness

Officially termed neuroreactive training, the Reaxing methodology is an indoor training system that deeply engages the sensory system and nervous system. This innovative approach to fitness integrates cognitive, proprioceptive, and neurofunctional solutions aimed at injury prevention and enhancing overall empowerment.

The fundamental objective of Reaxing is to elevate the capacity to process and respond to impulses while refining performance and athletic movements across diverse conditions. In essence, Reaxing strives to enhance the dynamic competence of individuals by honing their ability to react to the unpredictable, reinstating the supremacy of the brain over muscles.

4. Padel Tennis

In the realm of racquet sports, padel tennis has emerged as a dynamic force. The International Padel Federation reports that padel, a unique combination of tennis and squash, has garnered an astounding global following of approximately 25 million players, solidifying its status alongside pickleball as one of the world’s fastest-growing sports.

Distinguished by its enclosed setting, unique court size, and distinct markings, padel stands apart from traditional tennis with the integral role of the court’s walls, where players skillfully bounce the ball to keep it in play. Typically played by four individuals in doubles, reflecting its social origins, padel also offers the option for individual play, showcasing its adaptability. Learn more through the United States Padel Association.


What new and unique social trend has your club adopted recently? Comment below and let us know!

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