20 Mar

International Day of Happiness

Transform your Club Atmosphere Through Acts of Giving

Today is International Day of Happiness—and to many, this can represent a slew of different things.  What comes to mind when you hear the word, happy? Better yet, how do you define your own happiness? You may think of your family, friends, career or a list of beloved hobbies. Our minds instinctively gravitate toward those people, places and things we hold most dear.

At Chambers, we find joy in making others happy—consistently working to exceed expectations and push the envelope. Each and every day, we work meticulously to ensure the satisfaction of our private club clients—which, in turn, translates into member satisfaction. For us, it’s much more than surface level design. It’s about translating our passion for aesthetic and unique design to create a physical environment that cultivates an unmatched experience.

At our core, our happiness is derived from the happiness of others. And if we break this down further, it becomes quite clear that these passions to problem-solve and provide exceptional service can be used for the greater good as well. So as a club leader, what does this all mean for you and your club? Below, we dive into the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of charitable involvement and the benefits—and happiness—your club can achieve by giving back.



In general, joy can be found in giving back to those in need—in fact, science says so. Humans are social species—we thrive off of deep connections with others. These connections, mixed with acts of kindness, create a recipe for success.

Hosting a charity event creates a grand opportunity for clubs to do good in their community, forging a deeper connection between your club and its surrounding neighborhoods. And through fundraising events, greater bonds can be made between your members as well, leaving them with full hearts and a smile on their face every time. In the words of Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”


The options are truly endless in regard to charitable efforts—and the opportunities have grown even more unique over the years. It’s an opportunity for your team to get creative! But if you need a little help brainstorming, here are a few fundraising events we found that are sure to be a success:

  • Charity Golf Tournament — For many clubs, the golf course is a main attraction. Take advantage of this asset and use the course as a fundraising opportunity. Whether you’re hosting a golf tournament for adept members or creating a mini golf experience to get the youth involved—this age-old fundraising event can be fun for the whole family.
  • Charity Poker Tournament — Hosting a fundraising event with popular card games is sure to draw a crowd and create a fun atmosphere for your adult members.
  • Wine Tasting Fundraiser — A wine tasting event is a great way to get a large demographic involved. This personable fundraising event is a wonderful way to create lasting relationships between an interest- and age-diverse membership.
  • Masquerade Ball — Make use of your ballroom by hosting a masquerade ball! This gives your members a fun opportunity to dress up and mingle in a way much different than what they’re used to—all while giving back.
  • Casino Night Fundraiser — Although this kind of fundraiser can take a lot of preparation and planning, it is sure to be a night your members won’t forget.
  • Art Raffle—This is a simple and fun fundraiser that can be appreciated by art enthusiasts and décor lovers alike. Raffles of any kind are one of the simplest ways to connect members while raising sufficient funds for an organization in need.

For more stimulating ideas, this article is a great resource offering even more unique events that will keep your clubs charity tank full for years to come.



Whether you’re hosting a large event to raise funds, organizing a 5k or offering your time at a local shelter—these acts of kindness will undoubtedly be appreciated. Just remember, the key to successfully connecting with your community is to pinpoint charities and causes that your membership is passionate about. Talk to your members and involve them in the process—find out where their passions lie and then strategize about how your club can proactively reflect these passions in its charitable efforts moving forward.


Whenever you can! With the plentiful facilities, resources, and networking available at private clubs, there is no rule about the “appropriate” time to give. Whether your event is held outside to take advantage of warm weather or inside during the chilly months, every facility or activity at your club can be utilized as a charitable hub—bringing the joys of doing so to your members, your community and yourself all throughout the year.



We are all born with the innate appetite to give—in a word, charity; the voluntary giving of help, is one of the best ways that we can indulge this inherent urge to do more. Encourage your members to get involved by providing them the opportunity to do so. It’s a surefire way to keep your membership and your community happy, and they’ll thrive because of it.

What fundraising events has your club hosted in the past? Did you receive positive feedback from your members after the event? 

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