09 May

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Season, Economy or Opportunity-Driven

…what you should be doing right now?

Chambers suggests these become part of the to-do list for June:

  • Feel their pain.  The economy’s still struggling and gas prices are skyrocketing.   Even well heeled members are likely looking for alternatives.  Take the lead in arranging car pools.  Offer free cocktails or dessert one night a week.  Invite members to bring a guest to dinner for free one evening…
  • Spring and early summer are when the grounds are at their mostly beautiful — and lively.  Bring in a naturalist to host nature walks and identify emerging plants.  Lead a bird-watching tour of the golf course.  Plan a solstice party or stargazing events.
  • Refresh your strategic plan – take a look at what’s working, what’s not, what you can and should be doing to enhance member experience and increase utilization
  • Put the plans in place for projects you’ll start in January (northern clubs) or May (southern clubs)
  • It’s recruiting season.  Invite members to bring prospects in for cocktails, dinner or a round of golf — on the house.
  • Encourage/incentify members to think about potential members from their own contact lists (friends, family, coworkers)
  • Interest rates are at historic lows.  Get estimates and lock in funding for long-term construction plans.

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