25 Feb

The VIP (Lounge) Treatment

Club Business Centers are Taking Their Cues from the Airline Industry

Clubs are catering more to the changing ways their members work by creating environments conducive to doing actual business on club grounds. What we’re seeing (and creating):  tranquil spaces that incorporate high design and technology options, some that take their inspiration from airline VIP clubs that are catering to the needs of jet-setting business travelers.

Our friend and partner Glen Jones, director of new business and design at Harris Design in Dallas and designer of VIP airline lounges, weighs in with his must-have products for a user-friendly, stylish work environment — one where real work gets done.



Don’t Laugh!
It really is the most important feature of a well stocked business center, says Jones. “Members don’t need privacy nearly as much as they need a place to plug in.”


Work, Work, Work…Station
You don’t need a lot of desk space. But the more comfortable, user friendly and attractive your desk stations are, the more they’ll be used.

Take A Stand
Smaller, higher tables are becoming one of the most popular work surfaces on the market. The perfect pit stop for the mobile worker who wants to check email, make a quick call or jot down some notes.


Pick Your Seat
Working isn’t just for desks anymore. The modern business center has a relaxing, lounge-like atmosphere. And where there are desks and conference tables, there must be ergonomic swivel chairs. Like the RBT chair from Teknion

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