4 Ways Social Media and Technology Advances Can Help Your Club

Private clubs are changing the way they view social media and technology in their clubs, understanding that new technological advances are making club operations and communication easier. Here are a few strategies to implement a better tech-savvy presence into your private club. Check them out!

1. Optimize Website Developments

It’s crucial to improve functionality of your website to put information at members’ fingertips and give them access to pay bills online, make reservations, register for tournaments, check account statements, etc. Basically, the goal is to incorporate anything that can simplify, streamline, and enhance a member’s interactions with the Club! Companies like ForeTees make this a breeze. And even better? The improved functionality of back-end operations of websites enables management to track member interactions and gain information that can help improve targeted promotion strategies.

2. Evolution of Social Media

The time has come for clubs to embrace social media. Your members want to stay in touch and in the know, and what better way to accomplish this? The National Club Association outlines the dos and don’ts of social media for clubs, such as creating private and public pages to stay connected to members while promoting the club within the community. Just be sure to develop a clear strategy for how your club and employees will interact with members in the ever-evolving online social world!

3. Implementation of Apps

As you approach budgeting season, think about investing in an app specific to your club. Apps help make reservations, poolside ordering, and other necessities a breeze for members, management and staff!  Don’t have the funds this year? There are plenty of apps on the market like Outings by Go Club to help clubs organize specific events. This is a great way to ‘test the waters’ with your members and work up to implementing an app specific to your club in the future!

4. A Fine Line between Personal and Professional

With all of the technology and social media advances happening across the private club industry, it’s important to set boundaries and prevent connections with members that are too personal. In this article, The Club Manager’s Association of America discusses social media policies, staff training, post guidelines, how to respond to external comments, and more. It’s a must read as you navigate these new waters!

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