06 Oct

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3 Resources for Improving Staff Communications

There is no denying that communication is the driving force behind gauging membership satisfaction in the private club industry. As I discussed in last month’s column, communication is key! And while it is important for Club leaders to have a Communications Plan in place for member interactions, staff communications are equally important!

During my time as a Club manager, I was always looking for resources in the industry that could help prepare me and my staff for the days ahead. Today, there are many great resources that can help improve the content and quality of discussions among your team. Here are a few that I have found to be really beneficial — Check them out and give them a try!


Private Club Radio

Gabriel Aluisy hosts the Private Club Radio, an online radio show based out of Tampa, Florida. Aluisy is the founder of the Private Club Agency, an award-winning branding and marketing agency, who goal is to focus in on private clubs and other luxury lifestyle brands to help them increase revenue while connecting with their consumes—or in this case, members.

Aluisy’s radio show is a weekly source for various topics like industry education, news, trends and hot topics within the private club world. Each week, a new guest is featured on his show. His guests are experts in the private club world and typically range from general managers to presidents to vendors, etc.

Private Club Radio serves as an educational tool for Club Leaders to help enhance our leadership traits so we can do a better job of empowering and inspiring our staff. Specifically, his show that features Mr. James Melton is a great source for tips on how to better communicate with staff and how to be an exemplary leader!


NCA Webinars

The National Club Association (NCA) is a leading advocate for the private club industry in Washington, DC. Not only do they speak on behalf of private clubs in the political realm; they also offer a host of resources for Club leaders, including online NCA webinars.  These webinars are expertly-led by private club industry specialists and are open to NCA members (at no cost) and non-members.

Each webinar has a purpose, they are meant to provide listeners with the education and tools they need to prepare for any changes or developments that

are currently affecting the private club industry. Some of the topics may include new industry regulations, hot trends or fresh ideas that can be helpful in improving club leadership, governance and operations.

The biggest perk of the webinars is that each speaker gives the listeners the opportunity to ask questions at the end. The open forum allows everyone to get answers to any pertinent questions they feel may be affecting their club or business. The motivation behind providing webinars is to give listeners the tools to improve their clubs for the future.


CMAA University

The Club Manager’s Association of America (CMAA) is a professional association that leaders of private clubs may join to stay connected with other club leaders across the nation and abroad. CMAA also provides members with the added benefit of access to their online CMAA University.

CMAA University gives Club Leaders the opportunity to earn CMI credits that will ultimately further their career. The credits that members earn may be used towards becoming a Certified Club Manager (CCM) or a Master Club Manager (MCM). They may also be used for a Certification Maintenance Requirement or an Honor Society.

The curriculum of the online courses covers ten competency areas that surround every aspect of a club leader’s job. CMAA also offers five-day BMI programs, chapter-based programs, conference education, and webinars—all of which are centered around the earning CCM and CCE designations.


Local Resources

While online resources are great, we can’t forget personal networking, either! After all, we are in the business of developing personal connections and relationships that last—with our members and with each other. It is important for Club leaders to utilize local education and networking opportunities and take the time to expose your staff to other teams and club operations nearby. Opportunities like this can be eye opening for staff, providing new connections and learning opportunities that offer fresh perspectives and new ways of doing things.

Local CMAA chapters are excellent ways to get and stay involved, too. Mentoring each other is what the private club industry is all about. Gaining ideas and suggestions from other general managers, club leaders, and experts within the industry is critical to our growth—as managers, and as an industry.


No Time Like the Present

As the fall months are officially underway, many seasonal staff members have gone back to school and this is the perfect time to keep your Club’s permanent staff engaged and enhance your team discussions. These resources can be useful in staff development meetings and management team meetings to help brainstorm new and creative ideas, or even just a better way to implements “old” programs and ideas. In reality, they can only help your team grow. So try them out and let me know how it goes!


What are some resources that your Club has utilize to enrich your internal communications? Email me or share in the comments below!

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