Insights from the Private Club Industry’s Trade Publications

The private club industry’s trade publications are charged with staying on top of the trends in the industry. So on the heels of Chambers’ Club ’22 – Club of the Future survey, we asked the publishers and editors of three of the biggest industry “rags” to weigh in on what they see as the trends driving the industry. Among the highlights:


John Fornaro Boardroom Magazine
John Fornaro President & CEO Association of Private Club Directors Publisher, Boardroom Magazine


Member usage, retention and recruitment. “Recruitment needs to become a key board function. (Plus it keeps them away from the operational side!)”

John says clubs should also focus more on enhancing golf program efficiencies.








Dan Ramella Club & Resort Business Magazine
Dan Ramella President, Harbor Communications Co-Founder, Club & Resort Business Magazine

Increased emphasis on the combination of golf and dining. “More rounds (of golf) translate into additional dining revenue.” Clubs will continue to focus on how to increase the number of rounds played through, for example, shorter courses.

Also on Dan’s list of trends:

• Technology – “embrace it!”
• Renovation – clubs need to stay relevant
• Innovative membership programs
• Professional management


Kelly Winkler Club Management Magazine
Kelly Winkler Publisher & Editor Club Management Magazine

Creativity in promotions: “Clubs will focus on creating distinct promotions that increase member use of the club.” And evaluation: “Clubs will be surveying members more than ever before, asking for their constant (and immediate) feedback on club events and more.”

Also on Kelly’s trend list: enhancing the definition of “family centric” and increased use of social media.


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