6 Technology Innovations that Will Take Your Club Spaces to the Next Level

Technology advances have given rise to some new and inventive twists on “old” products we know and love. Here are some hot products trending in private club design today. Keep reading to learn more!

Covert TVs

Members are always looking for great spaces in their Club where they can socialize with friends, especially if they are gathering at the Club to watch the “big game” and cheer on their favorite sports team. But being surrounded by TV screens isn’t always the ambiance that members desire. Versatility is key – and disguising TVs in your Club spaces is now easier than ever with framed and mirrored TVs!

When powered ‘off’, these TVs are designed to look like framed pieces of artwork or framed mirrors on the wall. Once they are turned ‘on’, the illusion disappears to reveal a normally functioning TV screen. These TVs are lightweight, completely customizable with premium quality frames, and are available in the same picture quality you would find in a regular TV, including HD and 4K resolution.


Device Chargers

We want members to spend as much time as possible at the Club – and they do too! While Clubs are a great place for members to disconnect with the outside world and spend quality time with their friends and families, it is also important that they have the ability to stay connected and charged up if need be. Wireless charging table tops help make charging devices more accessible with discrete, built-in charging spots. Simply place your device on this surface and watch the battery instantly begin to charge.

In-locker outlets are also trending in private clubs. Spend the day on the golf course, hang out by the pool, or participate in a tennis tournament without having to worry about losing a charge. Simply plug-in to your locker and enjoy your recreational activities, knowing your device is safe and easily accessible when you need it. Installing under bar outlets and USB ports is another great way to provide your members with convenient charging opportunities while they are enjoying a drink or a meal at the bar.


Super Showers

Spa-like facilities are becoming more prominent in private clubs; however, for many clubs, full-service spa facilities may not be feasible in the near-term due to limited space and funding. Hopefully, you are considering this in your facilities planning for the future, but there are ways to elevate your current locker room experience in the meantime – like installing super showers! This is a great way to enhance wet areas, providing members with luxurious rainfall shower heads and body sprays as an alternative to run-of-the-mill shower heads.



Porcelain Tiles

There is a delicate balance in private club design between aesthetics, durability, and cost. Given the heavy usage and foot traffic in private clubs, it is important to choose materials that not only look great, but are also affordable and durable so they won’t need to be replaced every few years. Rather than sacrifice the aesthetics of having stone, wood, or marble surfaces, private club designers now have the ability to substitute porcelain tile that simulates these natural materials. This type of tile not only looks like the real deal, but is also more durable, less expensive to install, and easier to maintain due to its stain-resistant and water-resistant characteristics.


Digital Wallcoverings

Full-scale wall murals are beautiful – but they can also be expensive, time consuming and permanent. For private clubs looking to easily transform their spaces, digital wallcoverings may be just the ticket. This technology encourages customization of large-scale designs to fit your private club. Incorporate your brand and message in your lounge areas, living spaces, overnight accommodations, fitness facilities… really, anywhere! These high-resolution images are printed and installed with ease and can be changed often without the hesitation or guilt involved with covering a hand-painted mural.


Interactive Tables

We want our private clubs to be a home away from home, which often means providing Club activities for family members of all ages. Youth Activity Rooms and Childcare Areas are the perfect way to embrace children at the Club – and there are some pretty exciting products that can be incorporated in these spaces! Sparkle tables combine technology with the old-fashion drawing and activity table to create an interactive social experience for young children. These durable, anti-microbial tables feature LED light patterns that respond to touch, encouraging children to be engaged and creative. The tables require little to no maintenance, provide endless hours of entertainment, and offer an alternative to video games and television – a great return on investment!


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