How to Get Your Membership on the Same Page

“Half the effort in club planning is design. The other — equal — half is consensus-building.”

Rick Snellinger, Chambers President & CEO Master Planning Specialist

Master Planning Consensus Building

Over the years, Chambers has worked with a number of clubs that have begun and ended the master planning process more than once.

For all the countless hours and careful considerations of boards, managers, committees and consultants, when it came time to put proposed plans to the membership, they simply couldn’t muster enough votes to make all that blood, sweat and tears pay off on what they were sure was the right thing to do for the club.

What did they miss? The importance of consensus building.

An Ongoing Process of Engagement

    Master Planning is first and foremost about learning what members need and want. And understanding that “improve this” isn’t sufficient direction.  Surveys, focus groups, interviews, conversations — learn everything you can about expectations and desires.
    Engage leadership with the members and members with each other. Through focus groups and town halls, let members hear the perspectives of other members, as well. A major success factor in successful planning outcomes is ensuring members gain understanding of the needs of other members that may not be like their own.
    About the process, opportunities and options, the solutions being developed and selections made.  And why.  Knowledge is power. The lack of it has the power to derail your efforts.
    Newsletter updates, dedicated web content, Facebook updates, video presentations, live and online presentations…you really can’t overshare when it comes to keeping membership informed of planning status and outcomes.
    Solicit feedback, share the questions and the answers, retool as necessary — and share that you did that, too.

Chambers' Master Planning Acceptance Rate

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