18 Feb

Thinking Outside the Box

5 Unexpected Resources for General Managers

Whether you are looking for a helping hand or trying to stay ahead of the curve, these unique resources can help!

General managers have a lot to juggle on a daily basis. It’s just part of the job description. But even the greatest leaders didn’t make history acting alone, and the same rule applies to club management. There are plenty of resources you can use to make your club the best it can be, but some are more obvious than others. Take a peek at some of the most underutilized resources in the club management world!

National Restaurant Association for Private ClubsNational Restaurant Association 

From food quality to staff retention, a club’s Food & Beverage Department presents numerous challenges for GM’s. Yet it’s more important now than ever to have club dining functioning optimally to compete with local restaurants. The National Restaurant Association offers a wealth of resources that can help clubs get on par with standalone restaurants, including information on the latest food trends, best hiring practices, tips on maintaining equipment, and much more.


Golf Club TaxesMitch Stump
Affectionately known as “the club tax guy,” Mitch Stump offers first-rate consulting services pertaining to private club accounting. With over 35 years of tax experience, Stump offers a treasure trove of industry-specific information that can save GM’s time and money when Uncle Sam comes a-knockin’ in April. His free monthly newsletter is brimming with valuable information on what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to club finances.



Professional Web Content Managers for Private ClubsProfessional Web Content Managers
It’s certainly no secret that having a web presence is a big deal in today’s world, but building a website that best represents your club certainly isn’t easy. Rather than just hiring a friend-of-a-friend that can code, seek out a professional web content manager that can build a robust site tailored to your club’s specific needs, maintain the website as needed, and write polished content that will represent your club in the best light.


ETS Logo with BorderETS Corporation

Technology is becoming more and more intertwined with the daily functions of private clubs, making the need for airtight security greater than ever. ETS has created a comprehensive package especially for CMAA members that increases the efficiency and security of billing systems, helping make the process a little easier for clubs. This package not only streamlines billing, but also simplifies the payment process for club members and improves their overall experience.

Film Reel - BorderedPrivate Club Films
If you’ve been searching for an effective way to create a distinct online presence for your club, then consider showcasing your club’s finest features through a professional video created by Private Club Films. Marketers project that video will make up 79% of internet traffic in 2018. That’s only 2 years away! It’s not only a smart investment for membership retention and recruitment, but it will also help you get ahead of the curve – so why not hire a company that specializes in private clubs? Having a quality video on your website will put you ahead of other clubs, as well as local restaurants, bars, and other establishments that are competing for your members’ time.

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