16 Jan

Club Evolution

We Need Your Help!

“The next decade will be a period of pretty radical change in the private club industry,” predicts Chambers’ own President & CEO Rick Snellinger. Chambers has been integrally involved in the evolution of the business for more than 60 years. 

Still, we think the Club of 2022 will look quite different for many, as the next generation of people, technology and societal shifts creates great opportunity for clubs to become even greater resources for their members.  And, frankly, may threaten those not ready to take on the inevitable. “Relevancy is going to be the most critical driver of change,” says Snellinger.

Luxury resort, retail center, fitness hub, social epicenter, boutique enclave…just what will that Club of 2022 look like?

Help us define and even shape the Club of the Future.

As the leaders and visionaries of the private club industry, we want your insight.  What do you see as the ideal club of the future?  Here, we’re launching our most comprehensive survey yet on the evolution of clubs with a series of questions that touch on several
topic areas:

  • Facilities & Design
  • Sustainability
  • Programming & Social Events
  • Membership Recruitment, Retention & Communications

Take on a section or the whole survey (we estimate the full survey would take up to 30 minutes).  We have just one request (other than asking you to take the survey, that is!):  Take off the constraints.  That is, let’s look at what clubs can become.  No “But my board would never…,” “We’d never find the funding…,” “Our members would balk.”  We can address those issues another time.  If you could build the ideal club that would serve the purpose of your membership for the next 100 years, what would it include?

In exchange, we’ll give you complete access to all full survey results, be happy to schedule a consult with your club on your best course of action going forward, and will share some of our exclusive “best practices” reports being published over the next year on topics from most creative social activities to financing options and working with boards to navigate through change.

Survey highlights will be published in the March issue of Club Road.  Thanks for participating in our exclusive Club ’22 / Club of the Future survey!

Chambers’ surveys reach more than 3,000 general managers, COOs and other top club executives around the country.  For the Club ’22 Survey, we’d also like to gain insight from club boards of directors, board presidents, committee members and club directors, including those for food & beverage, fitness, membership, marketing, golf, tennis and more.

PASS IT ON.  Forward the Chambers Club ’22 Survey.  Results will be tabulated by participant type, so we’ll be able to show you perspectives from inside and outside the club management world.

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