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Mom and Dad’s club hasn’t traditionally ranked high as a place where teens and tweens want to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night. A club space for teens that is entertaining, stimulating and safe? We took the challenge to straight to the source, gathering a group of 12- to 18-year-olds. Boy, did they have ideas!

Their requests included sports, games, TVs (with X-Box, of course), a place to order food and drinks — with a specially designed menu — and comfortable seating. Look what our designers came up with!

Ping pong image
Table by Poly Pong, Inc.


Ping Pong, The Next Generation
Cutting-edge design and a new table format take this classic game to a whole new level, making it the perfect option for group play.

Game image
From Hammacher Schlemmer


Left Foot, Yellow
They made fun…funner, quadrupling its size and blowing it up!

Shuffleboard image
The Classic ShuffleBoard table by Venture ShuffleBoard

Ageless, Timeless
Shuffleboard’s not just for retirement communities anymore. You may have to kick out some of the older members to keep your hang out teen-centric.

TV image
Samsung’s 55” OLED S9C Series TV


For Better or for Worse …
TVs may not be a parental priority for their teens, but a source for video games and movies is, frankly, a must. This one makes both possible, as you can watch two programs at once.

Puzzle image
Keith Haring Double Retrospect puzzle by Ravensburger


Puzzle Crazy
At 32,000 pieces, this Keith Haring puzzle is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest puzzle in the world. Surely, that’ll keep ‘em busy!

Furniture images
Lana Mangas Seating Collection by Patricia Urqiola


Hang Out Hot Spot or Lounge Lizards
Lounging — it’s what teens do best. With these, you may never get them up!

For product information, contact Club Furnishings Associates.

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