28 Jul

To-Do List: August

What You Should Be Doing Right Now

This broiling summer has clubs in even typically cooler climates looking for ways to keep guests comfortable. A few ideas from the pros (some may be old hat for you — but we like sharing the love coast to coast):

  • rent misters for outdoor events
  • leave a pitcher of heavily iced water at every table for refills (add whole or full slices of lemons or limes for aesthetic interest and flavor)
  • host “impromptu” night swim parties
  • have a golf cart drive the course regularly with a cooler of cold bottles of water, offered gratis
  • create a “concierge committee” to go check on older members at their homes
  • give away branded towels or sweat bands

The heat isn’t without opportunity to engage and endear members. Host indoor events for families or just teens or adults, giving them a cool respite (that happens to be the club!). Show movies, complete with popcorn and soda; open the bar for the adult events. Have game days or nights in one of the dining rooms — bring your favorite game and take or share a table. More ideas? Comment below!


Senior Interior Designer Steven Sutor

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