29 Jul

Form, Function & Fun

New Pool Products Excite and Protect

THE POOL EXPERIENCE IS THE #2 MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE in recruiting new club members (eclipsed only by golf). The hottest pool products aren’t just for aesthetics and fun — though there are plenty of those!  New technologies are also keeping kids and grown-ups safer in and around the water.


Glamour Stream
These clear uniform water arcs are beautiful and playful. At night, white or colored LED lights add a touch of drama.

MagicStream® Laminars



It’s All in the Wrist
Sensors monitor swimmers wearing wristbands that alert the system if someone is motionless under water for more than 30 seconds. Great for guarded or unguarded pools.

Above & Beyond, er Below
Cameras allow lifeguards to see what’s going on above and below the pool surface, so staff can quickly detect a struggling swimmer.

Swimming Pool Safety
Sensatechnology by Swimming Pool Safety Company & PoolView by Swimming Pool Safety Company


& FUN!

Splash pads and slides have been making their way into club and resorts pools for years. Why stop there?

Swimming pool splash pad
Structures by Vortex Aquatic Structures International


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