23 May

Survey Results

The Key Ingredients in the Club of the Future

Chambers just wrapped up Club ’22 – The Club of the Future, a national survey on the future of the private club industry. What’s gotta change, where we crave something new, what’s inevitable whether we like it or not…and what’s just fine as it is, thank you very much. In the hundreds of responses we received, there were a number of resounding themes. Among the loudest: nearly half of the club owners and managers who responded think the Club of the Future will increasingly become a social hub for members — a focal point for sport and health, all types of recreation, dining, education, business, even shopping. And loudest among those: FITNESS. (And we mean really loud!)

Here’s a snapshot — the elements most often cited in Club ’22 as key ingredients in the Club of the Future.

Chambers Club of the Future Survey Result

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