5 Easy Reads for Private Club Managers

There are millions of books out there claiming to provide value, but private club managers are busy people — and there’s no way to sink your teeth into everything. Instead, it’s about reading the right things – and we’re here to help! Here are the easiest and most valuable reads out there for club managers looking to improve their performance as leaders and industry experts. Check them out. You won’t be sorry!


If you have only a few minutes to spare, take a peek at…


Private Club Advisor
Known as the best quick n’ easy resource in the industry, Private Club Advisor (PCA) is a short monthly newsletter assembled by hospitality veteran Jackie Carpenter, CCM. PCA is brimming with condensed private club news, bite-sized advice from industry experts, and timely mini-articles on seasonal issues. It may come in a small package, but this resource gives you the most bang-for-your-buck in terms of length and cost!


NCA Club Industry Brief
It’s no secret that the National Club Association offers invaluable resources to club managers, but one of their most helpful offerings is the NCA Club Industry Brief, a bi-monthly roundup of private club news. Divided into categories ranging from industry-relevant legislation to hospitality trends, this collection of news stories from various sources offers a well-rounded peek into current industry events.


If you can dedicate a few hours to self-improvement, dig into…


The ONE Thing
Part motivational book and part management guide, The ONE Thing challenges convention by encouraging a minimalistic approach to business (and life in general). Authored by the cofounder of Keller Williams Realty, Gary Keller shares his wisdom on keeping life simple and streamlining your management style until you’re focused on one important thing – and doing that one thing well.

Raving Fans
It’s no longer enough to have a happy membership. You need a delighted, over-the-moon, crazy-about-your-club membership that will urge their friends to join in the fun. Raving Fans, authored by management expert Dr. Ken Blanchard, will help you accomplish just that. Told in a series of parables, this book manages to be both entertaining and instructive, all while underlining the importance of pushing beyond customer satisfaction into the realm of loyal fandom.

Be Our Guest
Running a top notch club is all about exceeding membership expectations – and no one knows how to exceed expectations better than the Walt Disney Company. Be Our Guest may not be hot off the presses, but it has stood the test of time as a hospitality industry essential. Known as the world’s leading expert in customer satisfaction, Disney shares some of their best techniques for providing first class service. Put their techniques to the test!

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