14 Sep

To-Do List: September/October

What You Should Be Doing Right Now

Likely, you’re already making fall transitions, changing out flowers and linens, leaving apples by the front door, readying for Halloween and more. Add these seasonal efforts to the to-do list.

Game Day

UNC v. Duke, Auburn v. Alabama, Ohio State v. Michigan, Cowboys v. Redskins, Bears v. Packers, Jets v. Patriots, Texas v. Oklahoma…

Host game day parties for the biggest rivalries in the area. Convert a dining room or even a large meeting room with a big screen TV, stadium-style seating and appropriate décor (banners, foam fingers, pom poms and more). A great time to encourage members to bring guests.

Bonus: Invite the favorite local team in for a Sunday afternoon meet and greet!

Fall Farmers Market

Fall brings its own menu selection — warm stews, pumpkin everything, apples and pears… Host a fall farmer’s market day (or days), inviting a local organic farmer or two to bring in the fall harvest to sell. Include a chef’s talk on making the most of the fall bounty — and let him or her showcase the club’s new seasonal menu.

Not All Fun & Games

Early fall is a great time to schedule the annual board retreat to review the year’s progress on the Strategic Plan and discuss any goal adjustments or new efforts that will have a financial impact on the upcoming budgeting process.

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