09 Nov

Embraceable View

Scarsdale Renovation Maximizes…Everything.

In the case of one of Chambers’ most recently completed projects — Scarsdale Golf Club in New York — the photos really do tell the story.  Club & Resort Business magazine recently did a wonderful feature on the Chambers-led renovation — take a look. Now let us show you how this once-tired and underutilized structure now embodies many aspects of the Club of the Future.

The ladies locker room experienced a stunning overhaul (see before and after, below).  Plus, like many other aspects of the renovation, Chambers captured the power of the view with this portico outside the new locker room, which now looks out over the club’s stunning A.W. Tillinghast-designed golf course.

Scarsdale Golf Club - Ladies Locker Room - before

Not hard to see why the renovation has been embraced enthusiastically by the women at Scarsdale, who now have a beautiful, modern locker room with secluded indoor and outdoor seating areas and private massage room.


Scarsdale Golf Club Front Clubhouse

Scarsdale Golf Club - Exterior Facade - Before


The North Complex, last renovated in 1956 and having suffered years of deferred maintenance, was the central point of the project. The decrepit condition of the ladies locker room was the impetus behind the project. Chambers revamped it (including adding the portico featured on the cover), upgraded the pool area and changing facilities, added food and beverage options, incorporated a “play” area for grownups and one for teens and “maximized the view,” as the Chambers folks like to say — taking every opportunity to capture spaces for members to enjoy the incredible vista, an oasis just 22 miles outside of New York City.

Scarsdale Golf Club — Grab n' Go
Grab n’ Go


Greater and more creative foodservice options are a given in the Club of the Future. Scarsdale carries and brews a brand-name gourmet coffee in its Midway Cafe, plus has grab-and-go options inside and a healthier menu at its outdoor café by the pool.

The patio and bar above the pool was formerly a standard-issue deck and snack bar.  Now the over 21-only hot spot taps all the potential of the space.

A full service fitness center is now a showpiece at Scarsdale. And there’s that view again… Now that’s motivation!

Scarsdale Golf Club, Third Tee

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