Chambers Deepens its Commitment

CMAA Bronze Advantage Partner
Chambers announced with great pleasure last month that it has entered a multi-year partnership with the Club Managers Association of America, signing on as a Bronze Corporate Advantage Partner, or CAP.


CMAA reserves CAP opportunities for companies deeply committed to the club industry — its growth and long-term success.  Chambers sought out the opportunity as a means of helping support an industry it has spent the last 65+ years helping build (often, quite literally). “Chambers brings a seasoned perspective on the future of the club industry, one we think will be very beneficial to our membership in their professional development” said Jim Singerling, CCM and President of The Club Foundation.  The Foundation is CMAA’s nonprofit arm, dedicated to advancing the club management profession.

Chambers sponsorship will support, specifically, CMAA’s Business Management Institute (BMI), which provides intensive learning courses for club managers on strategic club management, and the annual Mid-Managers Conference.  “CAP partnerships have been instrumental in growing our ability to support the club industry,” says Michele Klecha, Director of Corporate Relations at CMAA. “They’ve helped us survive, quite frankly, through the downturn of the last few years.  And their support helps us continue our efforts on behalf of the industry — keeping dues low while growing our member programs and services.”

“We’re looking forward to the partnership,” says Chambers President & CEO Rick Snellinger.  “We love working in the club industry,” he says. “There is no other industry so committed to ensuring the positive experience and well being of its ‘audience.’ We feel like our support of CMAA is our way of demonstrating our own commitment to the industry.”

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