20 Jul

BTC: Mary-Lynn, Kevin, Jack and Allie

Exciting Challenges for Chambers’ Newest Creative Talent

Design Studio Team at Chambers
Interior Designer Mary Lynn Mellinger, Associate Architect Kevin Lyons, Associate Architect and Production Manager Jack Meredith and Associate Architect Allie Agliata have joined the Chambers club design team in recent months

Designing private clubs can present a coveted creative opportunity for many architects and interior designers, with their unique architecture, member-driven aesthetic and high-end detailing.  Chambers just added several new folks to our club design team.  We’re excited about gaining their fresh perspectives.

CLUB ROAD took a moment to ask what inspires them about club design and how we might expect to see their influence on the club world.


CR:  What interested you about joining the Chambers team?  What inspires you about private club design?

Allie:  So many things, from the quality of club design to the diversity of architectural styles — each club is completely different.

Jack:  Clubs are more complex than most people think. You’re designing mixed-use spaces, combining restaurant and hospitality, business, mercantile and other spaces all in one project.

Kevin:  I like that I’m able to design in virtually every facet of architecture.

Mary Lynn:  The club world is a unique hybrid of commercial and residential design. It brings those aesthetics together in a way no other industry does.

Commercial and residential design at private clubs

CR:  What do you hope to learn more about and explore, designing clubs?

Allie:  The detailing.  Woodworking, trims, corner details and exposed beams — you don’t see any of those in hospital design, where I came from.

Jack:  Different architectural styles. Because Chambers’ footprint is national and each club is so different, we have opportunity to gain experience working in many different styles, types of buildings and environments.


CR:  What do you find unique about club design?

Kevin:  Designing a club is almost like doing a large-scale house.

Mary Lynn: Working with hotels (my background), you’re working to satisfy a corporate brand.  With clubs, you’re working to please an entire membership. Matching our vision with theirs is a fun and interesting challenge!


CR:  What fresh perspective do you think you might bring to the club world?

Allie:  Perhaps a more modern sensibility.

Jack:  As a production manager with a club design background, I’m hoping to help take project documentation to a new level.

Kevin:  I’m especially focused on making spaces work efficiently, making them logical.  Club locker rooms, bars…they’re not just about how they look, but also about how they function.

 Mary Lynn:  I’m a LEED Green Associate. Conservation is always part of the conversation with clubs. I hope to work with them to make it a financially feasible option.

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