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Ryan YakelAfter more than 29 years at CCI, Ryan Yakel joins Chambers as an Executive Vice President, heading up our Dallas office. A self-admitted club junkie, Ryan talks to us about his love of the industry and his greatest sources of inspiration.


CR: As an architect, what appeals to you about working on clubs?
RY: The ever-evolving nature of clubs fascinates me — no two are the same.

CR: If you could push private clubs out of their traditional comfort zones in just one area, what would you encourage them to rethink?
RY: I’d like to see them embrace technology. Club culture doesn’t move fast. In most areas, that’s okay. But from a technology standpoint, they need to move at the same speed that technology is evolving. Communications, audio and video and presentation capabilities.

CR: Do you have a favorite architectural or interior design aesthetic or style?
RY: That would be like picking a favorite child!

CR: Which architects have influenced you most in your life?
RY: The two I believe have a wonderful command of the art and design of architecture are Richard Meier and Renzo Piano. Their designs are crisp, innovative and thoughtful — down to the minutest details. Despite its massive size, you never feel overwhelmed at Meier’s Getty Center in Los Angeles. Every detail is a joy to experience. Piano’s Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas ties its exterior sculpture garden into the building and provides a multitude of experiences as you walk through it.

CR: What is on your desk now that inspires you?
RY: I have a Lego model of the Empire State Building that reminds me that great things can be accomplished in in the direst of times. And a unique glass piece with hearts embedded in it that my wife gave me. It reminds me that we’re most grounded by the love of those close to us.

CR: What’s that one personal possession you couldn’t live without?
RY: I would miss my convertible. But maybe not the speeding tickets…

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