The Summit Club, a private city club on the 30th, 31st & 32nd floors of the Bank of America Center in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, wanted to create a special space for dining and entertainment—sophisticated, updated, transitional.

The Summit Club has gained 220 members and seen its bottom line grow by more than $200,000.



The new space, called The Penthouse at The Summit Club, now provides an a la carte dining room and bar lounge as well as two private dining rooms and a game room. The Main Dining Room is flanked by large windows overlooking downtown and the Arkansas River. Its unique arched ceiling simulates the flow of the river and enhances the open feel of the space. The Penthouse features a high-end transitional style — not contemporary, but definitely not traditional. An outdoor terrace — a fixture from years ago which has been off limits to the members — is now put to good use with a frameless glass railing that offers protection from the elements without obstructing the view. The Game Room includes a pool table, flat screen TVs and a cigar humidor — along with a highly effective ventilation system that allow for smoking without disturbing members in other areas.


Since the renovations The Summit Club has gained 220 members and seen its bottom line grow by more than $200,000. And to the management’s delight, long-time members who hadn’t visited the club in years are coming back.


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