Located in Ft. Meyers, Florida, Pelican Preserve is a premier community that offers year-round sports opportunities, arts and crafts activities, and social events to its residents.


As the Board searched to establish a comprehensive plan, Pelican Preserve engaged Chambers to expand and enhance the buildings and amenities. The interior spaces, including the library and café, received significant updates to align with the facility’s recently rejuvenated façade. The library was reimagined as an open and dynamic space, featuring built-in cabinets for efficient storage and organization, as well as soft seating to provide a cozy and inviting area for reading and reflection. A dedicated lending section for books and vinyl records was incorporated, catering to both traditional and modern media enthusiasts.

The redesign of the café departed from its previous traditional Mediterranean aesthetic to embrace a brighter, cleaner, and more timeless ambiance. The new design concept focused on creating an environment that encourages social interaction and relaxation. To enhance the functionality of the café, custom cabinetry was installed to accommodate essential amenities such as under-counter refrigerators, coffee makers, and a bar sink. A diverse range of dining tables was introduced to cater to various seating preferences – whether dining, counter, or bar height. This versatility encourages patrons to enjoy their meals, conversations, and work in a relaxed and accommodating setting.

Chambers also transformed the outdoor pool bar, named “Flip-Flops”, with a goal to enhance the member experience and revitalize the bar’s ambiance. The project involved expanding the footprint, incorporating new design elements, and reimagining the bar’s identity to align with the fun-loving spirit of Florida. The entire bar was enhanced with new paint colors and finishes that contributed to a fresh and vibrant look that contributes to an inviting and lively atmosphere where patrons can enjoy watching sports, dining, and socializing. Neon signs adorned the walls, adding a playful touch and illuminating the space during evening hours. Graphic tiles, strategically arranged in an installation pattern reminiscent of palm trees, add visual interest to the environment.

Overall, the renovation project successfully revitalized Pelican Preserve’s amenities, positioning these amenities as vibrant and welcoming destinations for the community to come together and enjoy.