As with many clubs, the Baton Rouge Country Club was faced with aging an infrastructure, deferred maintenance issues and an undersized, inefficient kitchen – all of which needed to be addressed in order to maintain its reputation as a top tier club. In 2012, Chambers worked with the club to address these issues and also proposed other enhancements to improve the member experience.


In addition to replacing outdated mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems to avoid costly emergency shutdowns, the Club’s kitchen was completely gutted and reconfigured into a state-of-the-art facility – a major undertaking and even bigger success. With these upgraded food service capabilities, it was only natural to enhance the member dining spaces as well.

The previous Versailles Room (a large formal dining and banquet space) was converted into the new Terrace Room – an adult casual dining space with a large, centrally located circular bar in place of what was once a central dance floor. The space features a variety of dining, bar and lounge seating, as well as large floor-to-ceiling windows with picturesque golf course views. The outdoor terrace was also expanded, covered, and equipped with large TVs, fans, and an outdoor kitchen. Even in the summertime, the new terrace is always full! A gallery was also created between the Terrace Room and new kitchen, a space that boasts wine cabinet displays and permanent, built-in buffet suitable for the club’s dining and social events.


Just three years following implementation, member dining food and beverage sales alone increased 31% and the Club’s stockholding membership reached capacity. And though the Terrace Room’s bar-style atmosphere was originally intended to appeal to the younger generations, the club’s older members simply can’t get enough. The new space and amenities have created a notably vibrant atmosphere that encourages socialization of members of all ages and enhances the club’s sense of community overall.

BRCC is a prime example of how today’s private clubs are evolving and reinventing themselves to respond to new generations of members with unique interests and imaginative visions for the future. Chambers takes pride in helping clubs define exactly what that is for their specific and diverse memberships so they can provide their members with an unparalleled experience— and in this case, a triumphant revival that will prepare the club for generations to come.