Rick Snellinger Named a Top Innovator for Private Clubs


Baltimore, MD | March 31, 2017

Chambers, a national planning, architecture, and design firm specializing in private clubs, is proud to announce that Chambers’ President and CEO Rick Snellinger has been named as one of the top 10 innovative individuals shaping the future of private clubs.

The March/April 2017 issue of Golf Inc. magazine identifies 10 professionals from various areas of the private club industry – including general managers and industry consulting professionals – who are on the cutting edge of the latest trends and techniques being used to adapt to changing membership needs. Among these professionals is Chambers’ President and CEO Rick Snellinger, who is recognized for his holistic outlook on club planning and design. “Clubs must recognize the need to stop doing ‘projects’ and focus on a broader picture that considers their long-term goals and a vision for the future,” Snellinger says. “Ultimately, the most important aspect of club planning and design is to respond to member needs and exceed their expectations. It’s all about the experience.”

This is not the first time Snellinger has been recognized for his vision. In 2015, Snellinger was selected as a finalist for SmartCEO’s Circle of Excellence, which identified individuals shaping the future sustainability and efficiency of Baltimore’s local business community. Snellinger is also a respected voice on important trends in private club planning and design, speaking frequently on a national level at industry conferences, education seminars and events about the evolution of the industry.

Rick Snellinger has been an integral part of Chambers for over 25 years. Hired as the Controller in 1991, Snellinger’s savvy business sense and entrepreneurial spirt enabled him to become Chambers’ sole owner and President and CEO in 2008. “It was clear to me that Rick’s vision for the company could not only help propel Chambers forward, but also have a profound impact on the club industry,” said Bob Hickman, Chambers’ Chairman of the Board and Snellinger’s mentor at the time. “I couldn’t think of anyone better for the job then – and his vision continues to inspire and make an impact today.”

As an advocate of education and lifelong learner himself, Snellinger led Chambers’ partnership with the Club Managers Association of America’s Club Foundation in 2012 as a Corporate Alliance Partner (CAP). Chambers’ CAP sponsorship offers significant support to the Club Foundation’s educational efforts to help further advance the industry. “Private clubs are adapting to changing lifestyles, multi-generational memberships, and rapidly changing technologies,” Snellinger remarks. “The industry is evolving and we must continue to evolve with it – and stay ahead of the curve.”

Today, Chambers is the largest planning firm in the nation with a singular purpose of assisting private clubs with enhancing their member and guest experience. Serving club clients throughout the United States, Canada, Asia and New Zealand, Snellinger notes that Chambers never forgets its underlying mission – to infuse each clients’ commitment to quality, service excellence and value into every aspects of their physical environment and member experience.

Chambers has been working in the private club industry since their first engagement with Baltimore Country Club in 1945. Chambers looks holistically at club planning and design because they know that everything is connected. Everything matters.