Chambers' Receives Multiple Awards for CFCC Renovation


exterior view of activity center and poolBaltimore, MD | August 11, 2017

Chambers is pleased to announce that its work at Cape Fear Country Club has been recognized in the July/August edition of Golf Inc. magazine for the 2017 Clubhouse of the Year award (New Construction category).

Chambers’ efforts began at Cape Fear Country Club in 2011 when the Club embarked on a two-phase master plan. The first phase focused on rebalancing dining spaces to respond to the Club’s varying demographics and keep up with contemporary private club trends. “We’ve experienced a 25-30% increase in F&B revenue,” says Mary Geiss, CCM, the Club’s General Manager. “The members love the new dining areas, which created great excitement and anticipation for phase two of the program.”

The second phase entailed designing a 20,000 SF Family Activity Center (FAC) in place of the former pool building positioned between the existing tennis courts and pool. The FAC accommodates varying interests through the introduction of expansive fitness/wellness areas, group exercise rooms, tennis viewing areas and pool/spa amenities. With a relaxed dress code in the FAC, active members and families are now encouraged to stop by the club spontaneously to dine at the ultra-casual dining Café, or enjoy the facilities after a swim meet or tennis match, creating a comfortable and versatile space for members.

“The new FAC has become a space for all generations to enjoy – a second home for them,” says Geiss. “Even the older generation of members who were once skeptic of this new FAC concept have truly embraced the facilities.” Geiss remarks how the FAC is frequently filled with members of all ages – from toddlers enrolled in tiny tots classes to youth enjoying the activity rooms to older members for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Additionally, F&B revenues have increased 60% from sales at the snack bar prior that preceded the FAC.

The new FAC has received other awards as well, including Golf Inc.’s 2017 Golden Fork Award for the Most Improved Private Dining facility. The renovations were also recognized by the USTA, which awarded Cape Fear’s FAC its Outstanding Facility Award in the private category.

“The most important part of any process like this is the members,” says Rick Snellinger, President and CEO of Chambers. “The fact that members have truly embraced these facilities and feel a greater value for their overall club experience is the best possible outcome.” Geiss reports that the facilities have transformed the way members use their Club, bringing a fresh perspective to North Carolina’s oldest private country club that honors its history and traditions while embracing modern lifestyles.

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About Chambers

Chambers was established in Baltimore in 1899 and has been working in the private club industry since its first engagement with the Baltimore Country Club in the mid-1940s. Today, it is the largest hospitality planning and design firm in the nation with a singular purpose of working with private clubs. Chambers is also a Corporate Alliance Partner of the Club Managers Association of America, providing significant support to the continuing education and advancement of the private club industry. Chambers looks holistically at club planning and design because they know that everything is connected. Everything matters.