Chambers Ranks as a Top 100 Sustainability Giant

Chambers Ranks as a Top 100 Sustainability Giant

| June 28, 2023

Rick Snellinger, President and CEO of Chambers—a 124-year-old award-winning planning, architecture, and interior design firm specializing in private clubs—is proud to announce the firm has been ranked #89 on Interior Design magazine’s 2023 list of the Top 100 Sustainability Giants.

While sustainable design elements have previously been considered as part of the magazine’s overarching Design Giants listings, this is the first year that Interior Design has unveiled a separate Top 100 list that specifically celebrates environmentally focused studios. This designation comes as the design industry as a whole continues to see a growing emphasis on sustainability and environmental considerations.

“Sustainability is incredibly important to our firm, and we work diligently to make sure every project has measurable environmental goals,” notes Lee Hyden, AIA, LEED AP, Director of Architecture and Principal at Chambers. “Embracing sustainable practices presents opportunities to actively contribute to a more environmentally conscious and responsible approach to design and construction.”

The need for sustainability arises from a combination of environmental concerns, consumer demand, health considerations, regulatory requirements, long-term cost savings, and the potential for innovation. “As a leader in the private club industry, it’s important that we continually bring sustainable design elements to the forefront when working with clients,” says Principal and Director of Interior Design Charlie Turner, ASID, NCIDQ. “Even if they aren’t able to incorporate enough elements for a building to be fully LEED certified, it still makes a significant positive impact.”

The LEED rating system is the most widely used green building rating system, which provides a framework for healthy, efficient and cost-saving green buildings. The goal of LEED is to create better buildings that reduce contributions to global climate change, enhance individual human health, protect and restore water resources, enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services, promote sustainable and regenerative material cycles, and enhance community quality of life.

“A significant portion of our staff has either already achieved LEED accreditation or is working towards it,” says Hyden. “It’s a cause our team is passionate about, and it has really become engrained in our culture.”

As a firm, Chambers consistently embraces innovation and creativity in all aspects of design, which enables the company to remain ahead of the trends in the industry. Sustainability is just one more element of translating a passion for aesthetic and functional design into unique physical environments that cultivate unmatched experiences. It’s a cause that is here to stay in the private club industry—and Chambers is leading the charge.

About Chambers: Founded in 1899, Chambers is a full-service planning, architecture, design, and procurement firm with a specialization in private clubs and communities across the United States and abroad. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland with additional offices in Dallas, Minneapolis, Naples, and Washington, DC, Chambers takes a holistic and sustainable approach to enhancing lifestyles and experiences. Everything is connected—every detail matters.


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