The H. Chambers Company


Chambers is a full-service design firm offering complete turn-key solutions for enriching the experience of physical spaces.

Like the true family of services they are, each element of the Chambers Services Suite is individual, complete, but each reflects and enhances the strength of the others.


Needs, expectations, future growth: Chambers helps to balance and meld these elements of your project so that it honestly reflects its ultimate reality.


Here Chambers supplies the envelope, the bones, the outline and definition of every project, large or small.

Interior Design

This represents the personality, fleshing out the architecture, that which is noticed immediately and remembered always.


How does it come together? Through the power of Chambers' Purchasing, direct from the manufacturer with the influence and leverage that implies.


Chambers Installation anticipates every detail, handled by individuals you will know, who know your project, who respect your schedule.