In 2007, Chambers began working with Governors Club on a master plan that included golf course renovations, improvements to their Recreation/Fitness Center, and a complete clubhouse renovation. The plan was approved by the membership in 2008 and was implemented with great success. Ten years later, Club leadership contacted Chambers again, looking to further enhance the various dining spaces to meet changing member needs.


The scope of the 2018 renovations included an update to the main dining area with a casual yet sophisticated aesthetic. This area features a transitional style with earthy color palettes, mirrored walls and various types of seating. Above a wall lined with curved banquettes, handsome back-lit wine cabinets are on display.

The adjacent bar/lounge area was reconfigured and expanded to include a horseshoe-shaped cross-talk bar with TVs only viewable by those seated at the bar. To ensure the bar/lounge atmosphere would not disrupt the adjacent dining experience, the design team took great care in studying the acoustics of the space. Fabric wrapped ceiling details and fabric panels on the bar soffit help to decrease sound transmission between these areas. In addition, banquette seating with wood millwork dividers block sound while also creating visual separation, leading to a more intimate dining experience.

In the next room, the upscale dining area was reduced in size and redesigned with elegance in mind. A small private dining area is hidden by a curtain with direct access to the outdoor terrace. This program also included new lounge furniture for the outdoor area adjacent to the renovated bar/lounge.

To complement these improvements, renovations also included enhancements to the main lobby, dining reception area and dining entryway to elevate the arrival sequence and travel path for members entering the club and making their way to the dining spaces.


These upgrades were implemented in the summer of 2018. Members love the refresh and the program has been widely successful.