How Do You Measure Up?

We recently polled club leadership across the country about their space utilization.
The average club weighed in at 39,000 sf with an average number of 890 members

67.6% feel the size of their club is “about right”

32.4% think their clubs are too small

56% say their clubs do NOT make the most efficient use of that square footage


If they were to reallocate…

more than 50% would have more:

  • child-friendly space
  • employee areas
  • fitness areas

40%+ need more:

  • ballroom/event space
  • kitchen
  • patio/outdoor entertaining space

25%+ want more:

  • casual dining
  • bar space
  • pre-function space
  • spa amenities
  • storage


71% need less formal dining space (TRUE).

88% are rethinking areas of their clubs based on changes in how members use their clubs.

Want to participate in our next survey? Email us your name, title and club.

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