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  • Seawane Club
    Hewlett Harbor, New York


Located on Long Island, Seawane Club had easy access to many notable New York firms for its renovation. Still, after interviewing many of them, Seawane chose Chambers—for its club knowledge and its focus on functionality and enduring design.

Seawane chose Chambers— for its club knowledge and its focus on functionality and enduring design.


Seawane lacked a comfortable, inviting gathering place for members — a "club living room," so to speak. The club was originally designed so that many of the rooms could be opened to each other to form a vast single space, so the furniture in each of the rooms had to work in contiguous spaces while also serving its original specific areas, as well.

Chambers added a distinctive circular gathering room to the clubhouse to give members a beautiful space to visit, meet before meals or sports activities, or to simply relax. Furnishings throughout the club were designed to be distinctive and practical, but also to "migrate" from room to room without being visually jarring. Now, when the doors are opened between rooms, the result is a beautiful, cohesive interior view. And Chambers evaluated existing antiques and reproductions to determine those to maintain, how to appropriately restore them, and how to best use them.


While the interiors have been maintained as designed, Chambers has been asked back periodically to update spaces and décor both inside the clubhouse and out. When Seawane wanted outdoor spaces just as beautiful and functional as the interiors, the club turned to Chambers again. With covered areas, outdoor fireplaces and comfortable, practical seating, Chambers accomplished the goal. A new, full-service outdoor kitchen has been planned for future construction, which will add to the indoor/outdoor functionality of Seawane for years to come.