The H. Chambers Company

Clients & Work

  • Forest Lake Club
    Columbia, South Carolina


When Chambers was selected to become the design firm for Forest Lake, the charge was to take a facility that was a 1960s version of traditional and create a timelessly traditional environment  â€” one that reflected the rich architectural heritage of South Carolina. And, said the club management, "We want the best ballroom in the South!"

...the rich architectural heritage of South Carolina.


Chambers began, as it often does, by evaluating the architecture and noting opportunities for upgrades. The firm created striking new millwork throughout. As with all hospitality work of this caliber, Chambers had to create a residential look and feel with fabrics and furniture that would withstand punishing use. Chambers’ Purchasing department, which works closely with hundreds of suppliers, had the connections and the knowledge to find fabrics and furnishings that would be both beautiful and durable.


The Club members and managers got their beautiful new ballroom, which has been booked almost continuously since. As Chambers recreated an architecture of past centuries, it also crafted new spaces appropriate for the needs of private club members today. And all of the fabrics and rugs and furniture have stood the test of time and countless happy events.